Setting up nudges & conversation starters


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What is a Nudge?

A nudge is a technique used to engage visitors with the AI shopping assistant. Typically, it is a question designed to spark curiosity about the product the visitor is viewing.

What is a Conversation Starter?

A conversation starter complements a nudge by displaying pre-typed messages that a visitor is likely to ask. For example, if the nudge is "Need help choosing the right snowboard?", conversation starters could include "Is this suitable for beginners?" or "Help me select the right size."

To create a nudge go to the Nudges page in the app admin and click the 'Add' button.

Select the products and pages where the nudge should appear, and enter the nudge along with the conversation starters.

Visit the online store and navigate to a product page where you have set up a nudge. The nudge should appear as depicted in the picture below.

Clicking on the nudge will open the chat box where you can see the conversation starters.

Clicking on a conversation starter will send the message, allowing you to observe the AI assistant's response.

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