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Install the AskTimmy app and approve the subscription. There is a free tier available for testing the app. After installation, the onboarding screen will appear. Enter the basic details about your brand.

Choose your brand color, and personalize the welcome message and name that will be displayed in the shopping assistant widget.

Next, enable the app embed widget. Navigate to the theme editor, locate the app embed, and enable it. The illustration will guide you through the necessary steps.

Remember to both enable and save the app embed.

Return to the app admin panel. Depending on the number of products in your store, the data synchronization can take some time (it typically syncs 1,000 products in less than a minute). Once the product data is synchronized, you can check out the shopping assistant widget in your online store.

Visit your online store, and you should see the shopping assistant widget in the bottom right corner.

If there is a space conflict on your website due to other widgets, such as WhatsApp, we can hide the default launcher of the shopping assistant and use alternative options. Please reach out to our support team for assistance with this.

You can view the conversation history from the app dashboard.

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